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female patient

I am a patient of Jeanny Chan, and I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, shoulders and now my knees. I could not cut vegetables, roll meatballs, do garden work or knead bread before seeing Jeanny.

While visiting my sister in New Jersey, we went to see Jeanny. After the acupuncture treatment Jeanny did on my hands ( I have had severe pain and inflammation there for 15 years) I was pain free. She worked on my frozen shoulder ( I couldn’t lift my arm up to brush my hair). After receiving treatment from Jeanny I could stretch my arm over my head for the first time in years. This past summer I was able to till my twenty-three by fifty foot garden by hand and plant vegetables.

I currently visit my sister an average of twice a year, each time visiting Jeanny so she can work her magic on me. She has given me the freedom to live my life pain free, and I thank God for Jeanny daily.


Fran M. (West Mifflin, PA)

Male patient

My name is Dr. Andrew Beko, D.C. (a chiropractor). My introduction to acupuncture occurred one day over 12 years ago when a long-time friend crawled in with the help of his daughter. His name is Ronaldo, a fit, strong and stubborn guy who never before asked to be treated. He was in as much pain as I’ve ever observed, stated he was a “10” on the pain scale. After adjustments, several modalities such as electric galvanic muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, heat & ice, mechanical traction, the pain did not subside. I offered Ronaldo to take him to the hospital, he was in too much pain to send home, refusing that option he requested we continue to try something.

In my building, was Jeanny Chan’s acupuncture office & we heard her locking her office- I ran out to intercept her and explained Ronaldo’s situation and she agreed to treat him right there on my table. This is something I have not had first hand experience with, and Ronaldo was willing to try anything. Needles were inserted into Ronaldo’s back, forehead, hands etc… after a reasonable time the needles were taken out. Ronaldo stood up, still in pain with only slight relief. Jeanny Chan immediately stated “I’m going to have to bleed him”! re-inserted needles and this time applied suction cups and did a few other things; she was confident. After removing the cups and needles, this time Ronaldo stood up, carefully walked around, touched his toe’s and began to move with visibly no pain. I asked him if he had at least 50% relief, he looked right at me and said, 100% relief!

I will also add, his pain never returned! This was my first exposure to acupuncture, and I was beyond impressed.

A few weeks later, the owner of my building came in with a frozen shoulder. After a few treatments I was telling him the story of Ronaldo and how acupuncture helped him, right away he asked me to send him. I said it was two different things, lower back pain and frozen shoulder. He decided to knock on her door and set up an acupuncture appointment. A few days later, he came into my office moving his shoulder and elbow up and down, excitedly showing me how one acupuncture treatment helped him. I have since referred Jeanny Chan patients who have reached a plateau in improvement or who have not responded to traditional medical treatment.

female patient

I came to Jeanny after being diagnosed with Bell Palsy, a condition that comes on suddenly and causes facial paralysis. My case was classified as severe by my neurologist.

When I first began treatment (1 week after diagnosis) I could not close my eye and I had severe facial pain - I looked like a stroke patient. Jeanny began acupuncture and later treated me with herbs. Within 4 weeks I was back to work and 80% recovered.

I am currently about 95% recovered and I owe that to Jeanny. Bell Palsy has an 85% cure rate, though doctors cannot determine which patients will fully recover. I would recommend to anyone with this condition that they seek acupuncture treatment IMMEDIATELY. Jeanny is a talented and compassionate acupuncturist..


LG (Springfield, NJ)

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. During an evaluation at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, an integrated medicine physician recommended acupuncture to help manage the side effects of traditional treatment as well as the disease itself.

Since that time I have been seeing Jeanny Chan twice a week for acupuncture. My sessions with Jeanny have been of invaluable assistance in managing this illness. The treatment has helped to curtail frequent, painful coughing bouts to the point where I no longer have them and also significantly helps with shortness of breath. It has also helped to control pain, including headaches, and manage fatigue and weakness. I have been able to undergo aggressive chemotherapy and radiation without experiencing any of the nausea usually associated with the traditional forms of treatment. 

Most importantly, I have found Jeanny’s treatments to be very relaxing and calming. Each session leaves me feeling rested and renewed. Even during the most difficult days early in my illness when sleep was almost impossible, each acupuncture treatment leaves me feeling stronger and well rested. I firmly believe that without Jeanny’s care, I would not be able to cope as well as I have.

Fanwood, NJ

I consulted Jeanny Chan for acupuncture therapy to alleviate side effects from chemotherapy. I had been diagnosed with recurrent Breast Cancer and was back under treatment.

I must admit that I was skeptical when I first approached her for complementary therapy. But a trusted friend, whose opinion I highly valued, had recommended Jeanny for her congenial nature and intuitive care. Right from the start, I felt very comfortable with her pleasant and easy-going way. I continued seeing Jeanny on a weekly basis for almost six months the day before or after treatment.

As a result, the neuropathy, weakness, nausea and sleeplessness that accompanied my weekly Chemotherapy treatments were greatly diminished under her care! Also, my lab reports showed good results. I believe that my immune system was greatly boosted because of the Acupuncture therapy that Jeannie provided.

I have already referred friends and acquaintances to Tranquility Health Center. You can count on Jeannie for a high standard of gentle, professional, and qualitative care!

Stirling, NJ (2013)

Male patient

I came to the Tranquility Health Center with chronic pain in both of my feet. I had been seeing a pain management doctor for a couple of months and was still miserable from the pain. 

Before I started acupuncture, it was rare for me to have a good day. After the first visit

I had four good days in a row. Now after seeing Jeanny for a couple of months, and with the pain management, it's rare for me to have a bad day. I can't begin to express my gratitude for the relief that I feel. Before acupuncture my life consisted of going to work, coming home and sitting in a chair.

Now I can function and enjoy my life.

Dave M. ( Edison)

female patient

I am very pleased to recommend Jeanny Chan, Acupuncturist. She was recommended to me by my Chiropractor Doctor because of her acupuncture and herbal medicine practice. He goes to her also.

I have been going to Jeanny for over 10 years with help with knee pain. She has kept me from painful knee surgery I am sure. I trust her advice.

I find Jeanny very professional and knowledgeable about Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Her experience and competence is evident in her treatments.

After her visit Jeanny, I feel no pain and can walk without difficulty. Sometimes only one treatment will carry me through. If I have delayed getting her, I may need one or two more visits. Then I am fine.

She is very compassionate and gives her all to her clients. Her calming and relaxing music presents a healthy atmosphere.

I would highly recommend Jeanny to anyone suffering any type of pain or difficulty.

Ann, Morristown, NJ
female patient

I discovered Jeanny Chan several years ago, and she has been a blessing in my life.

From my mid 30’s ( I am now in my 60’s ), I had reoccurring sinus headaches ( and sometimes migraine headache ) on a weekly basis. I should have purchased stock in Excedrin!!

Since receiving treatments from Jeanny, I have relief, for the first time in 25 years.

My sister, Fran, lives in Pittsburgh, and when she visits, we always make a stop to be treated by Jeanny Chan. She, too, will be giving testimony to her healing powers via acupuncture.

I recommend her treatments to anyone experiencing pain.


Janet M. ( Wentworth, NJ )

Female patient

Driving home after work in January of 2007, I noticed my legs became numbed to the point that I was not able to feel if my feet were touching the brakes or not. After a terrifying experience I was able to make it home by Gods help.

I was taken to the hospital that evening and was told after many days of testing that I had aggressive MS on both sides of my body. My body kept deteriorating to the point where I was no longer able to walk and lost the function of my hands. I was not able to open or close my right hand which was locked in a tight grip. The physical therapist had me hold a special ball so that my nails would not dig in to the flesh of my palm. I was depressed. I sat all day in wheelchair. I could not feed myself or comb my hair or anything. I was given massive dosage of different medications and was injected daily with steroids. When, with the help of the therapist or family member to hold me up, I would have to stand for a few minutes a day for blood circulation reasons, my body would be shaking all out of control. I thought my life was over. 

Then, one wonderful day my friend told me about Dr. Jeanny Chan and acupuncture. On the second treatment with Dr. Chan, My hand opened and I had control of it again. With Dr. Chan’s help, I was also able to stand with out the tremors and take small steps. She advice me to do this small exercise every day. Gradually I was able to walk with a walker. Today, a year and a half later, I am walking 2 miles 3 times a week. The medical doctors were in awe of my progress. One doctor told me he truly believed I was never going to walk again and never saw such an amazing recovery. 

I am so grateful to Dr. Jeanny Chan for her wonderful and loving care.

Ruby P. ( Hillside, NJ)

Male patient

October 17, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I came to the Tranquility Health Center a few months ago to seek relief for chronic neck pain due to arthritis and nerve damage sustained when I was active in sports. I had been living with this pain for over 15 years, where it had been increasing in intensity. During this time, I sought treatment from many physicians and practitioners, including orthopedic physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors. The treatment prescribed ranged from injections to traction and adjustments, as well as courses of extremely strong narcotic and anti-inflammatory medications that masked the pain, but did not treat its underlying cause.

My condition had deteriorated to the point where I was going numb down my left arm and losing strength. The last prognosis from one of the most respected orthopedic surgeons in the Tri-State area was surgery would be needed if I were to get any relief. I was told that the surgery was indeed risky, would require a lengthy period of recuperation and physical therapy and may not completely relieve my condition.

Faced with this bleak reality, I decided to investigate alternate treatment. Since my health insurance covered acupuncture, I decided to try it, having nothing to lose except the time it would take for an evaluation. I had researched a number of practitioners before coming to the Tranquility Health Center. Was I pleasantly surprised! Unlike western medicine where doctors are rushed to see as many patients as possible and are quick to write a prescription, Jeanny took a great deal of time explaining her methods of treatment and how I would benefit from it.

The results that I’ve gotten from being treated by Jeanny is nothing short of a miracle. I no longer take any pain medication and have regained full feeling and strength in my arm. All this is due to Jeanny’s patient and skilled practice in her field of medicine, as well as her genuine interest in her patient’s well-being.

I am truly grateful for Jeanny’s skill and dedication to her field and I rely on her professional opinion and course of treatment without reserve. I trust her as much, if not more than the other medical professionals from whom I had sought treatment.


Frank D.
Summit, N.J.